Project & Performance Funding Application 2019/2020

Key Contact *
Key Contact
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What are you applying for and why?
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Part C - Decleration
Please contact Dan Shepherd, National Manager, Blind Sport New Zealand, if you have any questions relating to the preparation, content or nature of your application. If you email your application, it must be fully completed and supporting documentation attached. Blind Sport New Zealand will not accept applications which are sent partially by post and partially electronically. Applications are sent at your own risk. Blind Sport New Zealand accepts no responsibility for non-receipt of applications due to technical problems with your own email network, your internet service provider or with the Blind Sport New Zealand’s internet/email system.
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Date of Application
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Prepared By
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Date of Application
Briefly explain the current situation of your organisation and/or schedule. - Why is there a need for this project? - How many blind and/or low vision people are currently participating? - Do similar opportunities already exist?
Please briefly describe the project.
Please identify groups and/or organisations that you will be working with to achieve the outcomes of this project.
Please list the expected outcomes for this project.
Please list how the goals for this project will be measured.
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Project Start Date
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Project End Date
Please identify any risks to your organisation and/or project AND explain how this will be managed and/or mitigated.
Project Manager *
Project Manager
Please list the team who will be leading this project.
Where/how will you secure the additional funding sought?
Where have you secured the additional funding from?
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Please ensure you have sent the following documents to Blind Sport New Zealand National Manager Dan Shepherd at

Blind Sport New Zealand appreciates the time and effort in completing the above application for Project or Performance Funding.

Blind Sport New Zealand will be in touch with the nominated key contact for this project to confirm receipt, and request any additional information as required by the Blind Sport New Zealand Funding Committee.